Perivan Financial Printing and Print on Demand for the City of London

Innovation and Ethos

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With the right kit and skill set, anyone can print, but it's not just about pressing buttons. What sets us apart is the Perivan innovative approach and ethos, by speaking up and challenging the way things are done "normally" and by suggesting alternative methods. This can often mean saving money, but more importantly doing things faster and more effectively.

We work closely with our software solutions divisions and have helped companies save vast sums of money and reduce their environmental footprint. Our innovation has helped them to streamline their traditional communications processes, which often leads to the reduction of their overall requirement for print.

Examples of this are the launch of the Virtualboardroom® iPad App where companies, who choose to do so, can stop printing their board packs and conduct meetings electronically. Our consultation with our annual report customers on options available to them through E-comms enables them to reduce print, paper and postage costs. For further information click here.

Our innovation and integrity puts us in a unique situation in this marketplace, or any other come to that. Encouraging clients to buy less of the service we provide is an unusual concept, and we've been so successful in doing it we are now welcoming new clients who we can also do less for.

Robin Bishop - Managing Director
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